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Modern allergy testing methods to help target  your symptoms.
Supplementation programs to address nutrient deficiencies, detoxification,  and enhancement of the immune system.
Patient Education to assist individuals in understanding their condition,  treatment and prevention.

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We here at Wilkinson Wellness Clinic are committed to treating all people with dignity and respect as we assist, guide and empower each patient in reaching optimal wellness and healthy aging.

Dr. Wilkinson has made it his life’s work to discover the root causes of pain and illness and treat accordingly.  He does not just treat symptoms.  He believes in taking as natural of an approach as possible in patient care.  Patients who have not had resolution elsewhere have experienced positive life changes with Dr. Wilkinson’s guidance.  View Patient Testimonials

Our staff is second-to-none and we strive to make your patient experience exceptional.  For further information on services we offer, please explore our Services tab.  We are also happy to respond via email or phone to any inquiries you may have.  Here’s to health!