Ideal Protein Success Stories

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At the beginning of his Weight Protocol, Joe weighed 225 pounds. Today, he weighs 187.

Weight Lost: 38 pounds

He tried several diets before Weight Protocol.
Joe lost an average of 7 pounds per week.
He has experienced increased energy since starting the protocol.


Shelley felt like she "was sitting on the sidelines watching her body change but that there was nothing to do.

Weight Lost: 16 pounds

Summary: After having her last child, she thought she'd be able to easily drop the weight, but after 8 years of feeling "like her body wasn't her own," she set a goal to lose 16 pounds.


Bart & Hannah are well on their way to reaching their weight loss goals. So far, Bart has lost over 60 pounds and Hannah has lost over 30 pounds.

* Bart is aiming to complete an Ironman in 2011 and needs to lose weight before he can seriously train.
* Hannah gained weight during pregnancy and was having trouble losing it.



So far, on his first 6 weeks on the program, Dennis has lost 35 pounds.

* His goal weight is 185 pounds.
* He is training for a 25-hr off-road motorcycle race and needs to get in shape to compete.



Seven months ago, Mary Kobberstad weighed 289 pounds. Since starting the protocol, she has lost 97 pounds and today weighs 192 pounds.

* Has 30 more pounds to lose to reach her ideal weight.
* Mary's blood pressure was high and her doctor wanted to put her on blood pressure medications.
* She was told by her doctor that she was pre-diabetic
* Her asthma was “completely and totally out of control”
* She was experiencing “some fairly serious psoriasis”



Carolyn struggled for years to keep her weight down.

* Most important thing to her is how much energy she has while dieting.
* Dropped 4 sizes in her clothes since starting the protocol.



Robert started the program at 205 pounds and has a goal to be around 185 pounds.

* Tried several diets before and found them "horrendous."
* Typically lost 1 pound per day.
* Always felt hungry on past diets.



Marie has been on the program for 6 weeks. She started at 151 pounds and has so far lost 14 pounds.

* For several years, she'd vary between 170 and 140 pounds.
* Had a back injury and needed to strengthen her core.
* Deals with cellulite
* Had trouble fitting into her clothes




Judy weighed over 300 pounds when she started the Weight Protocol. So far, she's lost nearly 50 pounds.

* Tried other programs, but couldn't lose the weight
* High blood pressure
* Poor cardiovascular health prior to WP
* Had trouble fitting into her clothes